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September 12, 2012
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What matters is how you see yourself. by ACMuren What matters is how you see yourself. by ACMuren
This is what I would look like if I ever where to be a cartoon. And I absolutely hate it when people (celebrity’s and beautiful people or in other ways successful people) says “It doesn’t matter how other people see you, what matters are how you see you” or “everybody is beautiful” or “ it’s not the outside it’s the inside that counts”. But of course they say that! the first thing people see with them is their looks and they are beautiful.

It matters because what people choose to see about you influence the way they treat you. – What do you see in this drawing? If all you can see is the ugly, that says something about you doesn’t it? If people see fat, double chinned, white big teeth they might not even bother to get to know you. And it doesn’t matter if I walk around thinking I’m beautiful, knowing I’ve got fabulous eyes and a great smile. Some people won’t think things you say are worth listening too and they might even think you can’t hear or that you haven’t got any feelings, judging on their behavior.
Zagaboy Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
It's true, IT IS bullshit. Sugar is SWEET! You can't deny that. I know what I prefer aesthetically, no one can tell me any krap to change my mind. However, the internal beauty is personality, that's important too. Few would appreciate a gold painted rotten apple.
SPILL2 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
What a beautiful speech you made zagaboy.
I do say that.. I dont care what I look like, as long as people love me for who I am and how my personality is.. then my life will be okay. But right now.. people say I'm not trust worthy. But what I think.. is it's them that has no trust in them.
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